Michele Hannash

Sur Baudelaire et Nadar

The catalogue of the Musée d'Orsay's Exhibition displays admirable reproductions by Nadar taken between 1854 and 1860, notably of Baudelaire and Nerval.

Pichois, Claude

Baudelaire's Philosophical Theory of Beauty

Baudelaire's "Le Peintre de la vie moderne" argues that beauty requires the unity of two elements, the eternal beauty found in old master art and the beauty of images from contemporary life.

Carrier, David

Probématique d'un sujet féminin en régime patriarcal: Ourika de Mme de Duras

A close study of the narrative strategies, use of pronouns, and representation of the protagonist reveal that this text lays bare, in an exemplary fashion, the foundations of the patriarchal system and exposes the process of its functioning: usurp

Bertrand-Jennings, C
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