Théophile Gautier's Poetry as Coquetterie Postume

The poetry of Emaux et camées has often been dismissed as well-crafted but largely trivial and precious.

Schick, Constance Gosselin

Narrative Space and Androgyny in Les Misérables

The opposition of linear and tortuous space in Victor Hugo's Les Misérables reflects patterns of "masculinity" and "femininity" that are reconciled in the novel's hero, Jean Valjean.

Grossman, Kathryn M

La Cohérence d'un texte: William Shakespeare de Victor Hugo

In the on-going debate between style and substance Hugo's William Shakespeare should take its proper place.

Jasenas, Eliane F

Reversed Polarities in the Nuits: Anatomy of a Cure

Focusing on the internal dynamics of Musset's Nuits in order to shed light on the creative process, the Poet and the Muse are seen to function not only as projections of Musset, but more specifically from the standpoint of Jungian psychology, as h

Hamilton, James F

Musset's Les Caprices de Marianne: A Romantic Adaptation of a Traditional Comic Structure

Les Caprices adapts a structure that situates it in a long comedy tradition: a young man attempts to overcome obstacles to success in his love for a young woman, obstacles raised by an older man who has some control over the woman.

Smith, Albert

Camille Maupin: Io to Balzac's Prometheus

Because of her "larger-than-lifeness" and her superior qualities, is Camille Maupin of Béatrix an "Io" to Balzac's "Prometheus"?

Barry, Catherine

Representing Liberty: Revolution, Sexuality,and Science in Michelet's Histories and Zola's Fiction

In describing heroines resembling the Marianne figure, Michelet and Zola revealed conservative fears of revolution and patriarchal anxieties concerning female sexuality.

Colatrella, Carol

Huysman's Against the Grain: The Willed Exile of the Introverted Decadent

Willed exile and the deepest condition of introversion was the way chosen by Duke Jean des Esseintes in Joris-Karl Huysman's extraordinary novel, A rebours (1884).

Knapp, Bettina L

Chaos and Revolution in Art and Literature: Zola's L'Œeuvre

When we perceive external reality, our faculties of perception order it in the process. Modern painting has attempted to see through this veil of order that hides the true face of reality.

Brady, Patrick

The Traumatic Origins of Baudelaire's Poetics: Criticism out of Crisis

When, in 1844 a conseil judiciaire was appointed to regulate Baudelaire's finances, the poet likened the moment to his own death: he was traumatized by it.

Raser, Timothy


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