Alfred de Vigny and the July Revolution, 1830-1831


The July events and the behavior of the king during the Revolution induced in Vigny a critical attitude toward the "legitimate" monarchy of Bourbon. 1880 marked the start of "the most philosophical epoch" in Vigny's life. He begins to consider social cataclysms as resulting from a social law. He ponders the higher meaning of revolution. however, he still has many doubts and maintains a skeptical attitude toward the democratic movement of his time. Nevertheless his "tour d'ivoire" is not a way to escape society, He merely seeks isolation to concentrate his thoughts and to understand the events of his time. (TVS) (Trans. MO)

Sokolova, T. V. (Translated from the Russian by Max Oppenheimer, Jr.)
Release Year:
1973 Summer; 1(4): 235-51.