La Contagion de l’écho: “L’Obsession” de Charles Cros

Charles Cros’s comic monologues are less famous than his collections of poems Le Coffret de Santal and Le Collier de griffes, though they were theorized by contemporary actors such as Coquelin cadet, and more recently analyzed by

Arnaud Bernadet

Censoring/Censuring the Press under the Second Empire: The Goncourts as Journalists and Charles Demailly

This article examines Edmond and Jules de Goncourt’s critique of Napoleon III’s strict control of the press, as expressed through the narrative discourse in Charles Demailly (1860–1868).

Peter Vantine

Le Poète baudelairien: un Homme révolté? Réflexion sur l’esthétique du mal comme révolte métaphysique

This article explores Charles Baudelaire’s aesthetics of evil through the Camusian concept of “metaphysical revolt.” As defined in L’Homme révolté, this rebellious attitude strives to oppose the existential distress that modern humanity f

Aurélie Van de Wiele

A Privileged Reader: An Editorial Collaboration Between Gustave Flaubert and Louis Bouilhet

Gustave Flaubert’s writing of Madame Bovary has often been considered the work of a genius who labored intensely and in solitude on the writing and rewriting of his novel, first published in 1856 in serial form.

Ramona Naddaff

From Identity to Identifications: Depersonalizing the Subject of the Nervalian Chimère

In both his texts and his writing practice, Gérard de Nerval (1808–55) manifests a propensity toward subjective fragmentation and instability.

Catherine Talley


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