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Agrégation de lettres modernes

Nineteenth-Century French Studies publishes articles and book reviews on a wide range of topics that include the text chosen each year for France’s concours externe de l’agrégation.

Since 2015, the journal has compiled related content previously published in NCFS in support of that year's agrégation title. Beginning with the 2017 title, related NCFS content is available free of charge via JSTOR’s “Register & Read” program: up to three articles every two weeks.

For more information about “Register & Read,” go to http://about.jstor.org/rr; for greater individual access via JPASS, visit http://jpass.jstor.org.


2017: Victor Hugo, Les Contemplations, edited by Ludmila Charles-Wirtz, Le Livre de Poche / LGF, 2002.

journal content available from the University of Nebraska Press and JSTOR

related search of NCFS content: Hugo @ ncfs-journal.org


2016: Emile Zola, La Fortune des Rougon, edited by Henri Mitterand, Gallimard / Folio, 2007.

journal content available from the University of Nebraska Press

related search of NCFS content: Zola @ ncfs-journal.org


2015: Charles Baudelaire, Le Spleen de Paris (Petits poèmes en prose), edited by Jean-Luc Steinmetz, Le Livre de Poche, 2003.

Le Spleen de Paris @ ncfs-journal.org

Baudelaire @ ncfs-journal.org


2014: Stendhal, Le Rouge et le noir, edited by Anne-Marie Méninger, Folio classique, 1967.

Le Rouge et le noir @ ncfs-journal.org

Stendhal @ ncfs-journal.org


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