Paysage de Mirèio

Frèdèric Mistral's 1859 Mirèio, describing life in Provence, contains a number of landscape descriptions, the study of which allows the reader to perceive its ideological undercurrents.

Parayre, Catherine

Reading and the Voice of Death: Balzac's 'Le Message'

In "Le Message," a single name is suggested, on the one hand for the scandalous vulnerability of discourse to accident, deviation and triangulation, and on the other for the strange power of resonance, the inexhaustible profundi

Chambers, Ross

Rachel et les auteurs `modernes'

Chronicle of "modern authors" whose works were played by Rachel, such as Ponsard, Hugo, Legouvé Scribe and others, most of whom have been forgotten today.

Chevalley, Sylvie

Dumas critique dramatique

Study of Dumas's theater criticism

Schopp, Claude

Henri-Louis Delloye, éditeur de Chateaubriand, Balzac, Victor Hugo, et al

Role of Henri-Louis Delloye as editor of the works of Chateaubriand, Balzac, Victor Hugo, et al.

Felkay, Nicole

Chateaubriand onomasticien

Study of place names in Chateaubriand's fiction.

Mulon, Marianne
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