Speculum amantis, speculum artis: The Seduction of Mademoiselle de Maupin

Mademoiselle de Maupin is explored as a text that, through a multiplicity of signs containing two isotopes – sexual and artistic – dissimulates an æsthetic message within an erotic one.

Lloyd, Rosemary H

Cars, Trains, Planes and Proust

The occasions conventionally referred to as expériences proustiennes are only the ultimate solutions to the problems posed by time.

Alcorn, Clayton

Vautrin et le mythe balzacien

In the mythical world created by Balzac, Vautrin (Illusions perdues and Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes) personifies crime, evil, and the upwardly mobile proletariat.

Mirabeau, Roch L

The Balzacian Imagination in the Dreyfus Affair

Edouard Drumont (1844-1917), author of La France Juive and editor of La Libre Parole, fancied himself the worthy successor of Balzac on the matter of recording the image of society.

Busi, Frederick A

Gautier the Music Critic: A Successful Failure

Gautier, although untrained and perhaps disinterested in the art, wrote many articles on music during his journalistic career.

Hartman, Elwood
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