`Le Horla' et `l'effet de réel'

Drawing on Todorov's definition of "the fantastic" in literature and on Lacan's description of the "mirror stage," I point out that in Le Horla (1887) Maupassant anticipates the Freudian discovery of the unconscious.

Turcanu, Radu

Images of the Poet in Musset's Le Poète déchu

This article is the first detailed analysis of a text by Musset, Le Poète déchu (l839), in which Musset defines the roles of both the inauthentic and the genuine poet.

Zielonka, Anthony S

Twi-light and the Anima: Baudelaire's Two Poems Entitled `Le Crépuscule du soir'

Baudelaire's verse and prose poems entitled "Le Crépuscule du soir" (Les Fleurs du mal, XCV and Petits poèmes en prose, XXII) describe twilight reveries inspired by the approach of night in the metropolis.

Gatti-Taylor, Marisa

Time and Félix de Vandenesse: Notes on the Opening Lines of Le Lys dans la vallée

The aim of the article is to show that Félix de Vandenesse's narrative is much less undisciplined and artless than some critics have claimed.

Heathcote, Owen N

Flaubert's Esthetics and the Problem of Knowledge

Gustave Flaubert never wrote a treatise on aesthetics, but his correspondence is studded with his remarks on art. Central to these remarks is the relationship between art and knowledge.

Gray, Eugene F

Baudelaire's Mysterious `Enemy'

Intrigued by Charles Asselineau's statement that Baudelaire's poem "L'Ennemi" was "à lui seul la clef et la moralité du livre," a number of scholars have attempted to determine the identity of the "obscur Ennemi" that slowly dev

Rosenthal, Alan S

Flaubert and Hunting: La Légende de Saint Julien L'Hospitalier

A close study of the sources, notes, drafts, and final form of passages concerning hunting in Flaubert's Saint Julien displays his purposes in seeking documentation, his methods of research, his use of data in early drafts, and

Bart, B. F

The Comic as Poetry: Bergson Revisited

Bergson's Le Rire separates comic and lyric; modern poets combine them. Bergson describes tone mixtures, surprise word plays, self-conscious language, etc. – all poetic today.

Jones, Louisa
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