Falsi Simoentis ad undam – Autour de l'épigraphe du Cygne: Baudelaire, Virgile, Racine et Hugo

Cet article s'interroge sur la signification de l'épigraphe de la préoriginale du Cygne de Baudelaire (1859), "Falsi Simoentis ad undam," empruntée à Virgile.

Laforgue, Pierre

Elisa Mercoeur: The Poetics of Genius and the Sublime

Elisa Mercoeur (1809-1835) was declared "la Muse armoricaine" and publicly recognized throughout France.

Greenberg, Wendy N

Signs and Signals in La Chartreuse de Parme

Many characters in La Chartreuse de Parme are attentive to particular verbal signs and indices and to the various functions of communication that predominate in each of the three main sections of the novel.

Kogan, Vivian
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