Hugo, Gautier and the Obelisk of Luxor (Place de la Concorde) During the Second Republic

The short-lived Second French Republic (1848-1851) saw the appearance of three poems about or addressed to the Obelisk of Luxor (Paris) – by Hugo, Gautier and Christien Ostrowski.

Haxell, Nichola A

Les Poésies de Clotilde de Surville: superchérie littéraire et subversion des genres

The publication of Clotilde de Surville's Poésies, in 1803, is one of the most famous literary hoaxes of the nineteenth century.

Sauvé, Rachel

Paysage de Mirèio

Frèdèric Mistral's 1859 Mirèio, describing life in Provence, contains a number of landscape descriptions, the study of which allows the reader to perceive its ideological undercurrents.

Parayre, Catherine

New Light on Maurice de Guérin's Poète-Mage: Recently Recovered Lines of 'Vous m'avez invité . . .

Previously unpublished lines of the poem "Vous m'avez invit . . ." cast new light on an obscure and often misunderstood transitional period in Maurice de Guèrin's life and poetic production, 1832-34.

Vest, James M

Nina de Villard, singulière Parisienne

De 1863 à 1882, Nina de Villard rassemble l'ensemble du monde intellectuel parisien. Très vite, elle se trouve réduite aux représentations que donnent d'elle romanciers, poètes et peintres.

Harismendy-Lony, Sandrine

Entre paraître et disparaître: Le 'Testament' de Nina de Villard

The eclipse of Nina de Villard and the paradoxical petrification of her image (she is better known as Manet's "La Dame aux éventails") is explicable in terms of the social and artistic environment of the second half of the nineteenth century.

Harismendy-Lony, Sandrine.

Marx's Relevance for Second Empire Literature: Baudelaire's 'Le Cygne

This essay demonstrates the convergence between key Marxist philosophical-political conceptions and the details, structure, and impact of Baudelaire's poem.

Ahearn, Edward J

Pierrot Narcisse: Théodore de Banville and the Pantomine

Fascinated by the pantomime of the Théâtre des Funambules, Banville appropriated its imagery and dynamics to project unconsciously, in his poetry and memoirs, a private interior drama.

Storey, Robert F

Lautréamont's Les Chants de Maldoror and the Dynmics of Reading

As the apparent chaos of Lautréamont's Les Chants de Maldoror frustrates the reader's initial attempts at interpretation, and as the reader begins to relate certain static/dynamic and emerging/resurging patterns to each other, h

Edson, Laurie.

Baudelaire and the Poetry of Prose

Baudelaire intended the Petits Poèmes en prose to be a companion volume Les Fleurs du mal, but their many differences point to a discrepancy between intention and achievement and raise the problem of defining the poetic element

Hiddleston, James A


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