The Decadent Side of Æstheticism: Heredia's Antony and Cleopatra Triptych

Heredia's sonnets are generally presented as medallions, prime illustrations of static Parnassian art; the article considers three of them as illustrations of dynamic structure, formal and verbal.

Fischler, Alexander

Flaubert and Hunting: La Légende de Saint Julien L'Hospitalier

A close study of the sources, notes, drafts, and final form of passages concerning hunting in Flaubert's Saint Julien displays his purposes in seeking documentation, his methods of research, his use of data in early drafts, and

Bart, B. F

The Comic as Poetry: Bergson Revisited

Bergson's Le Rire separates comic and lyric; modern poets combine them. Bergson describes tone mixtures, surprise word plays, self-conscious language, etc. – all poetic today.

Jones, Louisa

Une source bouddhiste possible d'un poème de Théophile Gautier

In 1838, at the age of twenty-six Théophile Gautier published, in his collection of poetry La Comédie de la mort, the poem "L'Hippopotame," which has many points in common with the chant "The Rhinoceros" (by an unknown author),

Bassan, Fernande.

Les Noces d'Hérodiade

The final version of Hérodiade, upon which Mallarmé was working at the time of his death in 1898, replaces the well-known Ouverture Ancienne with a "Prélude" that focuses upon the presence of the recently decapitated John the Ba

Schwartz, Paul J


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