Seurat's Les Poseuses in the Context of French Realist Literature

Seurat's Les Poseuses (1886-88) is interpreted as a pictorial manifesto incorporating literary as well as visual sources.

Aichele, K. Porter

Flaubert's Use of Saints' Names in Madame Bovary

Character names denote character functions. Gustave Flaubert creates an elaborate naming system in Madame Bovary.

Busi, Frederick

La Lettre de rupture de Rodolphe à Emma Bovary: l'énonciation parle l'économie

As Rodolphe sorts out the pretexts that lead to his split with Emma, our reading accounts for the economic strata hidden beneath the mechanisms described – for instance the decreasing sentimental value accompanies the sentimenta

Reynaud-Pactat, Patricia

Démasquer La Fille aux yeux d'or

In La Fille aux yeux d'or (1835), Balzac gives free rein; to his consuming fascination with the topic of man's mastery over woman.

Tremblay, Victor-Laurent

Indiana: Lieux et personnages féminins

This study of George Sand's first novel Indiana (1832) analyses the connection between Sand's descriptions of place and the enhancement of her heroine's character.

Massardier-Kenney, Françoise

Sapho: Les maladies de la volonté

Alphonse Daudet's Sapho (1884) portrays the deterioration of a man's ability to live according to the moral standards of the middle class from which he comes.

Berrong, Richard M

Littérature et idéologie: Le Rouge et le Noir, chronique de 1830

Rouge et le Noir is presented as a chronicle: a mirror of July 1830. Stendhal's novel may be the first to have sensed and expressed the new meaning that class would have in the post-1830 world.

Bokobza, Serge F

Un `poème' inédit de Henry Monnier

The "pierreuse" mentioned in the Goncourts' Journal with regards to Henry Monnier refers, in fact, to a short "poem" (30 lines) by Monnier.

Gendron, Maurice C

Balzac’s Algeria: Realism and the Colonial

Frequently mentioned but almost never shown, Algeria haunts the margins of the Balzac\'s La Comedie humaine in unexamined ways. The article considers the epistemological and representational stakes of that absent presence.

Bell, Dorian


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