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Portrait of an Intellectual: Lucien Herr and the Dreyfus Affair

The role of Lucien Herr, the socialist thinker and librarian of the École Supérieure, during the Dreyfus Affair can only be assessed indirectly.

Blum, Antoinette

`Ces tableaux du monde': Keepsakes in Madame Bovary

Keepsakes figure prominently in Emma's éducation at the convent. Gift books for young women, common in France in the 1830s and 1840s, they provide a visual and literary intertext in Madame Bovary.

Rifelj, Carol

Delacroix et Proust: une métaphysique de la création

Underneath the evident affinities and differences between Delacroix and Proust, lies a whole common dark vein: the vein of creative spirituality.

Beaudan, Colette Juilliard

Seurat's Les Poseuses in the Context of French Realist Literature

Seurat's Les Poseuses (1886-88) is interpreted as a pictorial manifesto incorporating literary as well as visual sources.

Aichele, K. Porter

Paul Lafargue: The First Marxist Literary Critic

Paul Lafargue, Marx's son-in-law and disciple, was one of the first to apply Marxist methods of analysis to literary criticism.

Derfler, Leslie

L'Enfant libertine: Pouvoir discursif et volonté narrative dans Lamiel de Stendhal

Arguing for a reconsideration of Stendhal's unfinished novel, this article shows how Lamielrenders evident the tensions between eighteenth- and nineteenth-century narrative models and social contexts.

Rabbitt, Kara M.

From Decadence to Nationalism in the Early Writings of Barrès

Maurice Barrès's integral nationalism was predicated upon a rejection of those values he associated with the Third Republic. The bourgeois faith in progress, positivism, and democracy was symptomatic of moral and social decay.

Fishbane, Jonathan D

Pierre Leroux Redivivus

Reflecting growing evidence of a renewed interest in Pierre Leroux (1797-1871), the article uses the recent republication of the encyclopedist's La Grève de Samarez (1863-1865) as the basis for a restatement of his philosophy, w

Griffiths, David A

'Le spectacle de la rue': Edmond de Goncourt and the Siege of Paris

This article examines the account of the fall of the Second Empire and the Siege of Paris, contained in Edmond de Goncourt's Journal (1851-96).

Liston, Mairi.

The Metaphor of Space in Constant's Adolph

The opposition between interior and exterior by means of which space may be analyzed appears highly ambiguous: the interior may convey security, integration and protection, or its connotations may shift to confinement, solitude

Mercken-Spaas, Godelieve


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