The Function of Italics in Madame Bovary

Flaubert used a variety of stylistic devices to achieve a high degree of objectivity in his fiction.

Weinberg, Henry H

Sainte-Beuve's Livre d'amour as Poetry

Based on Sainte-Beuve's love affair with Adèle Hugo, the Livre d'amour, privately printed in 1843, was first published in 1906 and was treated not as a literary work but as a biographical document, a piece of evidence in the "tr

Chadbourne, Rîchard M

Gérard de Nerval's Isis and the Cult of the Madonna

Nerval's narrative Isis (1845) is an expression of his syncretistic approach to religion; an example of the immense role played by the Feminine Principle in his cosmology.

Knapp, Bettina L.

Nerval and Dumas in Germany

The basis of the collaboration between Gérard de Nerval and Dumas père was their collaboration as playwrights. The events that led to their joining forces are briefly summarized.

DuBruck, Alfred

Histoire de La Tour de Nesle de Dumas père et Gaillardet

The French drama La Tour de Nesle was written by Alexandre Dumas père and the short-tempered Frédéric Gaillardet, who sued his collaborator six times. Because of their feud, the two writers gave contradictory versions of their part in this work.

Bassan, Fernande

Hypercreativity in Stendhal and Balzac

Both Stendhal and Balzac frequently write not only the novel in hand, but also incidental accounts of what would have transpired, had matters been different: hypercreativity resulting in "para-stories," which enrich the novel be

Bart, Benjamin F

Remarks on Style Indirect Libre in L'Assommoir

In L'Assommoir, Zola makes excellent use of style indirect libre in rendering the emotional states of his characters – the narrator's role in realism precluding standard psychological analysis – in producing subtle effects of ir

Niess, Robert J

Flaubert's Laughter

Gustave Flaubert's booming laugh, and its written equivalents in his letters, which Jean-Paul Sartre considers a pretense on Flaubert's part, actually expressed a native comic sense that significantly shaped his writing.

Sachs, Murray

Chateaubriand and the Welsh Indians

Although it appears almost certain that Chateaubriand's travels in America did not take him further along his proposed itinerary than Niagara Falls, the author of Atala frequently found it necessary to speak of the Ohio Indian M

Switzer, Richard

Temptation and Repression in Nodier's Trilby

Trilby (1822) places the struggle between the heroine's moral sensibility and instinctive desire in the context of folk traditions generated by the collective unconscious of a Scottish rural community.

Porter, Laurence M.


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