Robert de Montesquiou et Edmond de Goncourt: une amitié littéraire

In the nineties Robert de Montesquiou replaced Edmond de Goncourt as the arbiter of taste.

Newton, Joy L, and Monique E. Fol

Renée et la Comédie Française: quatre lettres inédites de Zola à Emile Perrin

During the 1870s, Emile Zola strove to attain distinction as a playwright, attempting to give the lie to those who considered him incapable of producing the naturalist equivalent of Hugo's Hernani.

Sanders, James B

Flaubert's Portrayal of Mood and Temperament in L'Education sentimentale

Much like the Impressionist painters who sought to capture the inchoate, changing and fleeting aspects of reality in their art, Flaubert wished to give in his novel a more truthful rendering of human existence as he understood i

Denommé, Robert T

The Style of Dramaticality in Baudelaire's Prose Poetry

The dramaticality of Baudelaire's prose poems is most obviously signaled by an extensive use of dialogue. Indeed many of the poems can be formally recast as scènes dialoguées.

King, Russell S

The Imagery of Light and Darkness in Les Fleurs du mal

Baudelaire's recurrent imagery of light, shadow and darkness in Les Fleurs du mal seems, at first, inconsistent.

McLaren, James C

Une lecture de `Lokis': variation sur la Chute

Starting from a speculation on the implicative quality of Prosper Mérimée's writing, we offer an interpretation of "Lokis," based on its image pattern and certain suggestive elements of its vocabulary and style.

Hiller, Anne

'Tristesse d'Olympio' and the Romantic Nature Experience

Victor Hugo's "Tristesse d'Olympio" is constructed around the process of interaction between the poet's mind and the natural world.

Ward, Patricia A

Comments on French Television and Literature

This essay examines the relationship between French television and literature (especially French) between 1950 and the early 1970s. The study opens with a study of television's effects on viewer's reading tastes in literature.

Savoie, Norman R

La Signification du masque chez Jean Lorrain

Renewed interest in Lorrain is attributable to current favor of art nouveau and to contemporary social anguishes and conduct paralleling those documented by Lorrain.

McLendon, Will L

A Statistical Analysis of Recent Nineteenth-century French Scholarship

Using data from the MLA International Bibliography (1969-76), this survey records the number of studies each year and the total for the eight years covered on each author who received a minimum of five studies.

Bandy, William T


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