Lamennais, l'irréductible croyant

La versatilité, l'inconsistance et l'inactualité de Lamennais sont des idées reçues. Au centre de sa pensée, une exigence invariable: la regénération spirituelle de l'Humanité selon les principes de la Vérité chrétienne.

Peeters, Guy

Two Prose Poems by Baudelaire: Le Vieux Saltimbanque and Une Mort héroïque

In "Le Vieux Saltimbanque" and "Une Mort héroïque," Baudelaire meditates on the failings of the artist, not on the failure of art.

Rubin, Vivien L

Flaubert's Pharmacy

"Flaubert's Pharmacy" focuses on the ambivalent status of writing and reading in Madame Bovary and on the images of drugs and poisons that express that ambivalence. Using what J.-P.

Lukacher, Maryline F

Chauteaubriand's Rancé and Cardinal de Retz

Publishing the Vie de Rancé in 1844, Chateaubriand failed to explore hints in his source material that, before and after the Fronde, Abbé de Rancé had and maintained close ties with an important Fronde leader, Cardinal de Retz.

Redman, Harry Jr

Littérature et idéologie: Le Rouge et le Noir, chronique de 1830

Rouge et le Noir is presented as a chronicle: a mirror of July 1830. Stendhal's novel may be the first to have sensed and expressed the new meaning that class would have in the post-1830 world.

Bokobza, Serge F

Cars, Trains, Planes and Proust

The occasions conventionally referred to as expériences proustiennes are only the ultimate solutions to the problems posed by time.

Alcorn, Clayton

Loti and Indochina: A Myth in the Making

Loti's account in Le Figaro of a French military operation near Hué in 1883 has been consistently misinterpreted, both during the public controversy that originally surrounded it, and by biographers and critics ever since.

Hargreaves, Alec G

Les Lignes de révolte dans la Trilogie de Jacques Vintras de Jules Vallès

In response to the traditional Jules Vallès criticism reducing the psychic and ideological import of the Jacques Vingtras Trilogy to the Œdipal configuration, this article proposes a "schizo-analytic approach, informed by the wo

Stivale, Charles J

Approaches to Symbolism in the Work of Ernest Renan

Like other nineteenth-century writers, Renan reveals the influence of symbolic concepts, yet his understanding of symbolism in its various forms is inevitably shaped by his own personal philosophy.

Lillie, Elisabeth


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