Byron and the First Poems of Gérard de Nerval: Psychocriticism and `Literary Influence'

Insights derived from Charles Mauron's psychocritical theory, in particular his analysis of literary assimilation and identification, are applied to a close study of Nerval's adolescent imitations of some Napoleonic poems of Byr

Blackman, Maurice J

Images of the Poet in Musset's Le Poète déchu

This article is the first detailed analysis of a text by Musset, Le Poète déchu (l839), in which Musset defines the roles of both the inauthentic and the genuine poet.

Zielonka, Anthony S

Speculum amantis, speculum artis: The Seduction of Mademoiselle de Maupin

Mademoiselle de Maupin is explored as a text that, through a multiplicity of signs containing two isotopes – sexual and artistic – dissimulates an æsthetic message within an erotic one.

Lloyd, Rosemary H

Goriot vs. Vautrin: A Problem in the Reconstruction of Le Père Goriot's System of Values

This study sheds new light on the ambivalence in the value system (implied author) of Balzac's Le Père Goriot.

Diengott, Nilli

Balzac's `Gambara': Music Is a Science and an Ar

Balzac considered music the greatest of the arts because it speaks directly to the soul, fires sensations and galvanizes ideas.

Knapp, Bettina L

Corot and Nineteenth Century Travelers in Italy

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot painted in Italy during visits in 1825-28, 1834, and 1843.

Reiff, Daniel D

The Idea of Civilization in Lamartine's Entretiens on Rousseau's Contrat Social

The protracted series of entretiens devoted to Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the Cours familier de littérature discloses a noticeable evolution in the social philosophy of Lamartine as a result of the political fiasco of 1848.

Denommé, Robert T

World Views into Style: The Goncourt Brothers and Proust at the Opéra

The visits to the Opéra of a Goncourt hero and of Marcel illuminates some of the radical changes in French world views from the mid-nineteenth century to the start of the twentieth.

Bart, Benjamin F

Sexual Allusions and Scholarship: Observations on Rimbaud Studies

Recent research has attempted to discover secondary sexual meanings of words in Rimbaud, of which cœur in the sense of "penis" is the most pertinent.

Houston, John P

Redon's Debt to the Critical Essays of Baudelaire

Baudelaire's œuvre and, in particular, his critical essays, not only furnished Redon with many of his ideas and images, but more importantly they confirmed, if not inspired, his æsthetic principles and proclivities.

Hyslop, Francis E, and Lois Boe Hyslop


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