Lamennais and Liberation Theology

This essay explores the historical antecedents of liberation theology from the vantage point of the internal dynamics of the nineteenth-century French Catholic liberal tradition in general and the works of Félicité- Robert de Lamennais (1782-1854)

Braga, Thomas J

Alfred de Musset and the Uses of Experience

Musset's lasting ambition as an author was to write great poetry; how it might best be created preoccupied him throughout his career.

Gamble, D. R

Hugo, Gautier and the Obelisk of Luxor (Place de la Concorde) During the Second Republic

The short-lived Second French Republic (1848-1851) saw the appearance of three poems about or addressed to the Obelisk of Luxor (Paris) – by Hugo, Gautier and Christien Ostrowski.

Haxell, Nichola A

Du titre en question: d'Armance à Octave, d'Octave à Armance

Stendhal's first novel, Armance, unfolds along the paradox of a title that does not fulfill its promise.

Renaudin, Christine

The Letter of Repression in Stendhal's Armance

Stendhal's Armance is a tantalizing text. Its focal character, Octave de Malivert, is tormented by something "unspeakable" that is never revealed to the reader.

Diamond, Marie J

Stendhal, Travel Writing, and Plagiarism

Stendhal's travel writings were ridden with plagiarism – that hidden quotation. The article shows that not only Stendhal's books but the entire genre of the travel memoir is based on quotation and dependent on it.

Gross, Irena Grudzinska.

Huysmans and Grünewald: The Discovery of `Spiritual Naturalism'

Treatment of painting of crucifixion by Mathias Grünewald; relationship to spiritual naturalism.

Zielonka, Anthony

Portrait of an Intellectual: Lucien Herr and the Dreyfus Affair

The role of Lucien Herr, the socialist thinker and librarian of the École Supérieure, during the Dreyfus Affair can only be assessed indirectly.

Blum, Antoinette

This is not a Source Study. Zola, Genesis, and La Faute de l'abbé Mouret

Critics of Zola's La Faute de l'abbé Mouret have traditionally offered source studies, primarily discussing the novel as a reprise of the Garden of Eden episode of Genesis.

Beizer, Janel L


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