Masson and Mallarmé's: Un Coup de dés An Esthetic Comparison

Study of André Masson's lithographic rendition of Mallarmé's poem Un Coup de dés.

Hubert, Judd, and Renée Riese Hubert

Jarry's The Supermale: The Sex Machine, The Food Machine, and the Bicycle Race: Is It a Question of Adaptation

Treatment of men; relationship to machines. Although The Supermale is a farce and its humor is based on man machine, beneath the bicycle race and the sexual antics exists a fiercely macabre and negative note.

Knapp, Bettina L

A Harmless Liaison: On Céard's Une Belle Journée

The appreciation of Henry Céard's Une Belle Journée (1881) has been hampered, somewhat paradoxically, both by the relative obscurity of its author and by the reputation that his most famous text has acquired.

Baguley, David

The God-Man and the Man-God: the Scriptural Matrix of Napoleonic Images in Two Odes by Manzoni and Hugo

Treatment of Napoléon Bonaparte in Alessandro Manzoni's "Il cinque maggio (1822) compared to his treatment in Victor-Marie Hugo's "Lui."

Gatti-Taylor, Marisa, and Steven Taylor

Reading and the Voice of Death: Balzac's 'Le Message'

In "Le Message," a single name is suggested, on the one hand for the scandalous vulnerability of discourse to accident, deviation and triangulation, and on the other for the strange power of resonance, the inexhaustible profundi

Chambers, Ross

Rachel et les auteurs `modernes'

Chronicle of "modern authors" whose works were played by Rachel, such as Ponsard, Hugo, Legouvé Scribe and others, most of whom have been forgotten today.

Chevalley, Sylvie


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