`Effects' and `Process': Literary Evaluation and the Scholarly Conference

The scholarly conference constitutes one structural vehicle from which both professional and research pursuits generally proceed.

Stivale, Charles J

Machines and Malaise: Technology and the Comic in Villiers and Allais

Villiers de l'Isle-Adam's L'Eve future (1886) and the four sketches of the Contes cruels (1883) focusing on technology are powered by a hidden kinetics founded on an awe and malaise regarding science and its discourse.

Johnson, Warren

Sidelines: Art and Economy in Zola's L'Œuvre

The place of artists in traditional economic theory is one of marginality with respect to bourgeois society because they are not producers of goods but of imitations, necessarily partial.

Duffy, John J. Jr

Social Commentary and Sexuality in Maupassant's 'La Maison Tellier'

Read typically as an ironic juxtaposition of church and brothel that paints a satiric portrait of prostitution, Maupassant's "La Maison Tellier" (1881) reveals a program to control sexuality by incorporating it into the norms of urban middle-class

Mead, Gerald

Reading Un Coeur simple: the Pleasure of the Intertext.

Intertextuality in Flaubert's Un Coeur simple (1877) works to frustrate a simple or monologic reading of the text.

Cronk, Nicholas

Textual Harassment: Barbey d'Aurevilly's Les Diaboliques

Scandal had been integral to Barbey d'Aurevilly's art, but upon the publication of Les Diaboliques (1874), he tried to silence condemnation.

Rodina, Herta

The Recovery of Psychic Center in Daudet's Les Lettres de mon moulin

In Daudet's Les Lettres de mon moulin (1869), the windmill symbolizes a mythical circle, an unconscious representation of the self.

Hamilton, James F

Bridging National Fields: Nineteenth-Century French Scholarship in French and American Perspectives

Given the importance of nationalist rhetoric in the 1991-92 polemic that opposed two distinguished nineteenth-century French scholars, Antoine Compagnon and Naomi Schor, a study on the current state of relations between French and American NCFS sc

Le Hir, Marie-Pierre

Thérèse Raquin: Scientific Realism in Zola's Laboratory

The polemic between Louis Ulbach and Emile Zola concerning Thérèse Raquin at the moment of the novel's publication gave Zola the chance to develop his thoughts on the relation between science and literature in his responses to Ulbach and in his pr

Bell, David F


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