Baudelaire's 'Le Voyage': The Dimension of Myth

It has been assumed that the voyage that follows the victory of Time in the seventh section of Baudelaire's "Le Voyage" signifies death and the eighth section recounts other aspects of the same voyage.

Babuts, Nicolae

Cheating at Narrating: Back to Mérimée's `La Partie de trictrac'

Mérimée's "La Partie de trictrac" seems to suggest a tension between psychological content (a linear tale of cheating and remorse) and the narrative technique, which seems to mock story-telling and both exploit and subvert narrative expectations.

Cogman, Peter W. M

Balzac's Purloined Postcards: Mises en Abyme and the Poetics of Death in Albert Savarus

This study examines the tensions between real and metaphorical death, between mimesis and poiesis, in Albert Savarus (1842).

Heathcote, Owen

An I for an Eye: Flora Tristan and Female Visual Allegory

Through a parallel reading of Flora Tristan's travel narrative, Les Pérégrinations d'une paria, and her novel, Méphis ou le prolétaire, both published in 1838, I suggest that allegory can have an empowering function for women.

Hart, Kathleen

Stendhal's Promenades dans Rome: An Archæological and Historical Perspective

Stendhal looked to early travelers and historians as well as to contemporary archaeologists and architects as his authorities for the identification and characterization of Rome's ancient monuments.

Bruschini, Enrico, and Alba Amoia

La poétique de l'esquisse littéraire: L'Italie d'hier des Frères Goncourt

This contrastive reading of the Goncourt Brothers' L'Italie d'hier and the unpublished travel diary upon which it was based attributes to the travel narrative the ambiguous status of "literary sketch." An examination of some of the formel and styl

Guentner, Wendelin A

Le soleil et le prisme: ambiguïtés de l'anticolonialisme au dix-neuvième siècle. Le cas Gasparin

Peu connus de nos jours, Agénor (1810-1871) et Valérie (1813-1894) de Gasparin furent sous la Restauration et le Second Empire à la pointe d'un libéralisme de droite et de l'anticolonialisme protestant.

Smith, Annette

Interpretation as Mirage in Rachilde's `Le Château hermétique'

Critical debate over Rachilde's stance toward feminism has caused attempts to label the gendered aspects of her work. Yet, frequently, the writer's use of confusing gender symbols is a game of bait and switch that deludes and tricks interpreters.

Ziegler, Robert

Une Définition de la Poésie ou Mallarmé Philosophe

La très remarquable définition de la poésie envoyée par Mallarmé à Léo d'Orfer, directeur de La Vogue, et parue dans cette revue en avril 1886: "La Poésie est l'expression, par le langage humain ramené à son rythme essentiel, du sens mystérieux de

Meitinger, Serge


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