'La Basilique' de Théophile Gautier, un voyage psychologique et esthétique

This early poem in Poésies de 1830 relates from a Jungian perspective the poet's inner voyage from the periphery of life toward his center in a failed attempt at individuation but in an esthetic success.

Hamilton, James F., and Sophie Champigny.

Vautrin and Same-sex Desire in Le Père Goriot

This essay is a re-examination of male same-sex desire in Balzac's 1834 novel.

Berrong, Richard M.

L'Enfant libertine: Pouvoir discursif et volonté narrative dans Lamiel de Stendhal

Arguing for a reconsideration of Stendhal's unfinished novel, this article shows how Lamielrenders evident the tensions between eighteenth- and nineteenth-century narrative models and social contexts.

Rabbitt, Kara M.

Hugo, Shakespeare et l'enseignement des langues vivantes.

After reviewing the thematic and stylistic affinities between Hugo and Sha-kespeare, especially in the area of drama, this essay demonstrates how the former's admiration of his English predecessor helped advance the cause of free public education

Metzidakis, Stamos, and Regina M. Young.

Sarrasine de Balzac, une poétique du contresens

Error is ubiquitous in Sarrasine. A narrator seeks to seduce an aristocratic lady by telling her a gruesome tale: she sends him packing.

Bordas, Éric.

L’Or du poète et l’or du financier: Une Lecture de Chatterton, de Vigny, avec Mallarmé

A un demi siècle d’écart, Vigny, dans Chatterton, et Mallarmé dans Variations sur un sujet, confrontent la question des modes de symbolisation poétique à l’intérieur de l’économie de marché.

Rogers, Nathalie Buchet.

Mallarmé’s ‘Sonnet Allégorique de Lui-Même’ – Allegorical of Itself or of Himself?

The title, "Sonnet allégorique de lui-même," which Mallarmé initially gave to his poem "Ses purs ongles," is generally taken to mean "Sonnet allegorical of itself." But a close examination of the first and final versions and of other poems dating

Chadwick, Charles.

La Vierge et la bête: Marian Iconographies and Bestial Effigies in Nineteenth-Century French Narratives

Although nineteenth-century France is well known to be an age of science, materialism and reason, the same period experienced a powerful Marian revival.

McEachern, Patricia A.

‘L’angoisse de l’influence naturaliste’: Tous Quatre de Paul Margueritte et Le Termite de J.-H. Rosny

This article focuses on two novels – Tous Quatre (1885) and Le Termite (1890) – by two Naturalist writers of the so-called second generation, Paul Margueritte and J.-H.

Dousteyssier-Khoze, Catherine.

Renée Vivien and the Ladies of the Lake

This study examines the figures of Ophelia and the Arthurian Vivien in the poetry of the fin-de-siècle lesbian poet, Pauline Tarn, who wrote in French under the name Renée Vivien (1877-1909).

Engelking, Tama Lea.


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