La Tunisie dans l'imaginaire politique de Flaubert

En écrivant un roman sur Carthage (Salammbô), cité perdue et encore peu connue faute de fouilles archéologiques, Flaubert prend ses distances par rapport aux conceptions rationalistes de l'histoire qui se développent à partir du XVIIIe siècle puis

Séginger, Gisèle.

Alfred de Musset, ou l'univers de la discontinuité

A. de Musset's work is remarkable by its fragmented, unfinished and motley aspects which have been considered by some critics as an obvious proof of his creative powerlessness.

Castagnès, Gilles.

'Le spectacle de la rue': Edmond de Goncourt and the Siege of Paris

This article examines the account of the fall of the Second Empire and the Siege of Paris, contained in Edmond de Goncourt's Journal (1851-96).

Liston, Mairi.

The Language of Hair in the Nineteenth-Century Novel

Novelists use hairstyles as a kind of language. First, I examine the meanings and connotations of the terms for the changing hairstyles in nineteenth-century France. In novels they may suggest social status or character traits.

Rifelj, Carol.

Rimbaud's Ruin of French Verse: Verse Spatiality and the Paris Commune Ruins

The ruins of the Paris Commune (1871) provided genius loci for Rimbaud's Vers nouveaux; the spatial qualities of the open ruin, in concert with the spatial conditions underlying the Commune, generate a mimetic model for revolutionary aesthetics in

Lee, Daryl.

La Revue du Centaure: Textes et contextes d'une œuvre esthétique et Littéraire

La revue du Centaure (1896-97) apporte un témoignage surprenant sur la période fin de siècle, remettant en cause les perspectives habituelles d'analyse des différentes oeuvres qu'elle a pu engendrer.

Mairesse, Anne.

Emigrations of l'Art pour l'Art to America

The imitation and adaptation of Gautier's enamel-and-cameo poetics by American poets, in particular by French Canadians and Latin Americans, reveal the inherent craftiness of a poetic craft whose irrelevancies and foreignness became relevant and l

Schick, Constance Gosselin.

Adèle Hugo: A Sojourn in Barbados. From the Memoirs of Amelia Fielding Culpepper

Published here for the first time, an eye-witness account of Adèle Hugo, from the memoirs of Amelia Fielding Culpepper. (PJH)

Hoad, Patricia J.

Adèle Hugo: A Bibliographical Note

This note situates the memoir of Amelia F. Culpepper within the bibliography for Adèle Hugo. (AE)

Eldrige, Alana K.


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