Facing the Science-Fictional Other: Human-Alien Contact in J.H. Rosny aîné’s Les Xipéhuz

Belgian author J.H. Rosny aîné (1856–1940) is unique among early science fiction authors in his sympathetic treatment of the alien Other.

Christina Lord

Landscapes and Perceptual Distortions in Proust

This essay examines descriptions of landscapes in À la recherche du temps perdu to illustrate how Impressionist and post-Impressionist painters informed Proust’s conception of the shifting perspectives in the narrative.

Darci Gardner

Styles of Life, Poéthique, and Irony in Charles Baudelaire

Jean-Claude Pinson’s notion of la poéthique seeks to rearticulate ways in which poetry can be seen as a style of life.

Joseph Acquisto

The Medieval and the Modern in Baudelaire’s “À une passante”

This article highlights a medieval dimension to Charles Baudelaire’s “À une passante,” a poem that has been considered emblematic of poetic modernity.

Julia Caterina Hartley

The Incorporation of Thought in Victor Hugo’s “Le Satyre”

This article considers how Victor Hugo’s philosophical poem “Le Satyre” incorporates thought into verse.

Katherine Lunn-Rockliffe

“La Sibylle” as Ghost Work in Hugo’s La Fin de Satan

Contextualizing “La Sibylle” with the spiritist séances that Hugo conducted in Guernsey between 1853 and 1855, this article explores the complexities intrinsic to Hugo’s visionary writing as embodied in the figure of the sibyl.

Simon Rogghe

Que s’est-il passé en 1816? Lecture de La Vieille Fille de Balzac: Essai de gynéco-histoire

In La Vieille Fille, Balzac relates sexuality and the reproductive capacities of the main characters to the situation in France in 1816.

Éléonore Reverzy

Dissonant Voices: Noise and the Criminal Leitmotiv in Vidocq and Victor Hugo

In early nineteenth-century depictions of criminals in Eugène-François Vidocq’s Mémoires (1828) and Victor Hugo’s Le Dernier Jour d’un condamné (1829), noise serves as a consistent feature of disobedient bodies

Eliza Jane Smith

La lignée nervalienne des fils du feu: portrait d’une contre-royauté mythique et de ses contradictions

The article examines the contradictory nature of the lineage of the “fils du feu,” a recurring and mythical anti-royalty theme in Nerval’s work.

Léo Tertrain


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