L'École flamande de Gaspard de la Nuit ou la solidifacio du texte


The poetry of Aloysius Bertrand exemplifies the characteristics of the prose poem, as defined by S. Bernard, T. Todorov, and H. and M. Riffaterre. Here, a look at the structure and the thematic of the paratext and the Premier Livre of Gaspard de la nuit, both inspired by alchemy as well as the Flemish artists and E. T. A. Hoffmann, brings into light how each of the nine poems may be read as a whole, but gains in depth and significance when cross-read with the other pieces of the same Livre. Bertrand's truly modern work, rich in intra- and intertextuality, does not merely represent the emergence of the prose poem, it conveys the mastery of prose poem as a genre. (RS)

Sauvé, Rachel
Release Year:
1996 Spring-Summer; 24(3-4): 279-87