Chateaubriand au tribunal de Stendhal


Stendhal often expressed his strong dislike of Chateaubriand-the man and his writings, to the point of being unfair. However he continued to read carefully and to mention most of his works. He criticized mainly Chateaubriand's exuberant style, because he preferred a sober one. Surprisingly, he was interested like Chateaubriand to write his memoirs, and must have read excerpts of the latter's, but what he liked he did not mention at all. Why this animosity? Chateaubriand having been the most famous French writer for two generations, Stendhal wanted to measure himself with him, in order to find his own originality. (In French) (FB)

Bassan, Fernande
Release Year:
1996-1997 Fall-Winter; 25(1-2): 1-12