Une Négociation straégique du discours littéraire et du discours social: Le Dévoilement des dessous (in)humains dans l’œuvre romanesque de Rachilde


Scholars of Rachilde have rarely taken into consideration her novels published after 1900 because of their sentimentality. For instance, La Femme Dieu is a convential remake of La Princesse des ténèbres, which is conversely an unsentimantal response to Émile Zola’s The Rêve. On the other hand, L’Homme aux bras de feu subverts the traditional romance by eluding the popular reading codes. Nevertheless, the sentimental plots and characters in the Rachilde works are the standard (or ironical) narrative borderline which puts an end to the underlying anarchic or colonial discourse of her unsentimental novels written between 1890 and 1940. (DL) (In French)

Laporte, Dominique.
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2008-2009 Fall-Winter 37(1-2): 108-22.