Delacroix et Proust: une métaphysique de la création

Underneath the evident affinities and differences between Delacroix and Proust, lies a whole common dark vein: the vein of creative spirituality. For both artists, solitude and even confinement, as painful as they might be, are the first steps toward the quest of annihilation of space and time, which can then give way to the urge of metamorphosis they both feel, and to its logical conclusion: the transcendence of lines. It is this common aesthetics of transcendence that this article is trying to pursue, a transgression into transcendence immediately turned into a gesture of creation, and therefore going back to the embedding –or embodying? – of the matter. (In French) (CJB)
Beaudan, Colette Juilliard
Volume Fall-Winter 1995-1996; 24(1-2): 217-21