Littérature et idéologie: Le Rouge et le Noir, chronique de 1830

Rouge et le Noir is presented as a chronicle: a mirror of July 1830. Stendhal's novel may be the first to have sensed and expressed the new meaning that class would have in the post-1830 world. Through textual and historical analysis Julien's story is seen within the context of an historical process of which the most significant fact is the realignment of classes. The final death of Julien reflects the victory of the bourgeoisie over the aristocracy that made possible Sorel's ascension. This novel is not only a picture of 1830 but also a critical study of reality. (In French) (SFB)

Bokobza, Serge F
Volume 1985-1986 Fall-Winter; 14(1-2): 19-27.