Jean-Pierre Brisset et la Grammaire des Grenouilles

In his writings on the formation of language and of man, La Grammaire logique and La Science de Dieu, Jean-Pierre Brisset announces the truth about our creation, based on what he calls rigorous linguistic premises. Naming himself the voice of the seventh angel of the apocalypse, this "prince of poets" bears witness to our history as marsh-dwelling frogs and to our development into upright men, all of us speaking a tongue that naturally has its origin in the French language: anything that cannot be said in French cannot be said. A careful study of his proofs instantly convinces us that 1) we learn our language from our ancestors (grand'mère = grammaire) 2) who were indeed frogs (Eva, donc grenouille; évadons, grenouille; eh, va donc! grenouille!) 3) living in the swamps choosing, with all the dignity they could muster, the ideas of church and priest (l'eau berge = l'auberge; l'aigue-élise = l'église; le preux-être = le prêtre) 4) and fleeing the horrors of original sin (je ne sais que c'est = sexe ai). These proofs and others like them are, he says, admirable in their clarity and marvelous to behold. (MAC)

Caws, Mary Ann
Volume 1972 Fall; 1(1): 43-50.