'Ne m'appelez donc jamais femme auteur': décon-struction et refus du roman sentimental chez George Sand

As soon as she writes novels, George Sand distinguishes her works from something that critics run down: women's novelistic literature, read by despised readers (generally women), and considered insipid or incredible. To prevent critics from doing links between female writers and her, she keeps her male pseudonym, disowns her sentimental stories and write novels where she discredits the novelistic genre. For instance, Jacques (1834), based on sentimental stories written sooner, parodies the style and topics of women's epistolary literature. Also, it criticizes its own novelistic construction, opposes literature and reality, and blames social comedy. (In French) (DL) 

Laporte, Dominique.
Volume 2001 Spring-Summer; 29(3-4): 247-55.