Du titre en question: d'Armance à Octave, d'Octave à Armance

Stendhal's first novel, Armance, unfolds along the paradox of a title that does not fulfill its promise. Readers of nineteen century novels had come to expect certain information: for example, René, Delphine announced a main character, hero or heroin, of the same name. Armance departs from this recurrence as it tells the story of Octave faced with his mandate to marry according to the exigencies of his class and title This article focuses on Armance as a character deprived of the prominence that the title of the novel falsely announces, seeking Armance in the recesses of a text that altogether bears her name and hides her. (CBR)
Renaudin, Christine
Volume 1989-1990 Fall-Winter; 18(1-2): 56-64