Les Lignes de révolte dans la Trilogie de Jacques Vintras de Jules Vallès

In response to the traditional Jules Vallès criticism reducing the psychic and ideological import of the Jacques Vingtras Trilogy to the Œdipal configuration, this article proposes a "schizo-analytic approach, informed by the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. This analysis reveals three literary strata operative within L'Enfant, Le Bachelier, and L'Insurgé: the molar line, opposing forces of solidarity to forces of social domination; the molecular line of local textual strategies; and lines of flight, of revolt constituting Vallès's Trilogy as a "minor," revolutionary literature which, by subverting from within the major (French) language and literary canon, announces the ruptures manifest in twentieth-century narrative. (In French) (CJS)

Stivale, Charles J
Volume 1985-1986 Fall-Winter; 14(1-2): 130-37.