Jules Janin et Lamartine: Un aspect des relations entre Jules Janin and Lamartine, d'après des extraits de lettres inédites de Janin adressés à sa femme, de 1845 à 1856

Jules Janin's admiration for Lamartine goes back to his school days, when the Méditations came out. Later on, having acquired a literary reputation as a novelist and drama critic for the Journal des Débats, Jules Janin entered the circle of Lamartine's friends, and he introduced the poet to his wife Adèle. When Mme Janin was absent from her home, the critic sent her a detailed account of the events of the day, mentioning the people he met. A letter in 1845 describes Lamartine as tired and preoccupied. Other letters mention Lamartine's political role and his failure to stay in power. At that time Janin fears that the poet's literary success in the past may be forgotten. After Lamartine's retirement from public affairs, Jules Janin will encourage the poet to keep on writing, composing laudatory articles to publicize Lamartine's Cours familier de Littérature, and paying him a visit in Monceaux. At one time Janin even compares his small contribution to the world of letters to Lamartine's fame with a rather open mind. The critic remained the poet's devoted friend until Lamartine's death in 1856. (In French) (JLW)

Willrich, Jacqueline L
Volume 1973-1974 Fall-Winter; 2(1-2): 13-23.